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Skyrim: Factions
Kodlak Whitemane and the Circle

The Harbinger is a highly regarded member of the Companions, a group of warriors-for-hire based out of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. The Harbinger is the unofficial leader of the Companions, able to dispense advice and resolve internal disputes as a mediator.

The Companions have existed for many centuries, since the time of Ysgramor in the Merethic Era, but have not had a true leader since Ysgramor died. As a mostly neutral organization, one that holds honor and integrity in high esteem, the Companions—and by extension the Harbingers—are respected throughout all nine holds of Skyrim.

Harbingers are chosen by their predecessor, though there can be exceptions. The Circle (a group of trusted advisors to the Harbinger) was introduced to the Companions by Kyrnil Long-Nose after a dark period for the guild in the Second Era, when a series of "false and dishonorable" Harbingers laid claim to the guild.

Known Harbingers

Merethic Era

First Era

  • Jeek of the River
  • Mryfwiil the Withdrawn
  • Tulvar the Unmentioned
  • Cirroc the Lofty
  • Henantier the Outsider

Second and Third Era

  • Macke of the Piercing Eyes
  • Kyrnil Long-Nose
  • Terrfyg
  • Vigrod Wraithbane

Fourth Era

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