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Skyrim:Gulum-Ei's Confession

Dear Brother,

If you're reading this, then you already know that I've been killed. Acting as Karliah's proxy for the Goldenglow Estate sale has proven to be a greater risk than I'd imagined. Word's reached my ears that Mercer Frey's sent one of his own to eliminate me. I swear to you, brother... I had nothing to do with Gallus's death. I'm well aware that killing the previous leader of the Thieves Guild would only provoke their wrath and threaten not only myself, but perhaps our entire family. Curse that woman for getting me involved in this scheme!

Within this chest you'll find the deed to Goldenglow Estate. Karliah never asked for the delivery of the item and I'm certain it holds great value to the proper buyer. If you wish to hunt down Karliah and avenge me, all I remember is her cryptic statement about returning "to where the end began."

Goodbye my brother, keep yourself safe and may fortune favor the foolish.