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Skyrim:Game Jam


The 2011 Game Jam for Skyrim was an internal project by Bethesda Game Studios, where developers were given the task to create something for Skyrim within a week. It was done following the release of Skyrim, and the results were compiled into a video which was shown to the public at DICE 2012. Many of the features have been added to the game, either in free patches or in add-ons.


Feature Implemented Notes
Seasonal Foliage
Flow-based Water Shader
Spears Dragonborn Riekling Spears, classified as arrows rather than melee weapons
Kill Cams for Magic and Ranged Combat Patch 1.5
Stealth enhancements such as water arrows and Assassin's Vision (detect life). Water arrows can be used to extinguish torches; guards will relight darkened areas.
Paralysis Runes Dragonborn Ash Runes
Dungeon enhancements like hanging structures and moving platforms Dragonborn In Apocrypha and Fahlbtharz
Water currents in dungeons Dawnguard In the Forgotten Vale
Dark dungeons Dragonborn In Apocrypha
New follower commands: combat style, distance, equipment, etc. Ability to bring followers to trainers, and set favorite equipment.
Adoption Hearthfire
Build your own home, complete with Skeletal Butler Hearthfire No Skeletal Butler, although you can hire a Personal Steward
Spell combinations, e.g. Flames + Raise Zombie = Conjure Flame Atronach, Fear + Healing = Drain Health
Goblins Dragonborn Rieklings, with skin changed from green to blue
High Level Draugr Dragonborn Hulking Draugr, with remade textures
Waygate fast travel Dawnguard Forgotten Vale wayshrines and Paragon Portals
"Epic new mounts" (flaming skeletal horse) Dawnguard Arvak, with flames changed from orange to purple
Mounted Combat Patch 1.6
Dragon Mounts Dragonborn
Soulbug Familiar (a black torchbug which collects enemy souls)
Kinect Shouts An update for the Xbox 360 version Also includes several other voice commands
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Enhanced Underwater Visuals Patch 1.5
Snow Footprints
Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects Dawnguard Lord Harkon's cape
Flail Weapon
Fat Giant
Ice and Fire Arrows Dawnguard As elemental Bolts for Crossbows
Werebears Dragonborn NPCs only
Lycanthropy Perk Tree Dawnguard Has different graphics and perk names
Vampire feeding on waking victims Dawnguard Vampire's Seduction spell
Vampire Lord Dawnguard
Imp minions for Vampire Lords
Mudcrab animation tweaks
Giant Mudcrab


  • The song featured in the video is "Hello (Mark Lampert Remix)" by Martin Solveig and Dragonette.
  • A game jam is a gathering of developers, artists, and other creatives over a short time during which a collective effort is made to make one or more games.