Skyrim:Drainheart Sword

Skyrim: Items: Unique Items
Unique Item: Drainheart Sword (000f71dd)
Type One-handed Sword
Editor ID MG07DraugrMagicSword
Damage Damage 11
Damage Damage 11 {{{Health}}}
Speed 1
Speed 1 Reach 1
Weight Weight 3 Value Value 73
Absorb 15 points of stamina:
Charge/Cost = Uses 25/1=25
A Drainheart Sword

A Drainheart Sword is a translucent Ancient Nord Sword wielded by some of the ghostly draugr found within Labyrinthian. It is a part of a set of similar phantom weapons, alongside the Drainblood Battleaxe and Drainspell Bow. Its physical appearance would be identical to the mundane version of this weapon were it not for its spectral look and the particles that flow out of it while moving with it equipped. A Drainheart Sword is enchanted to absorb stamina for fifteen points upon hit over a period of a second. It is not possible to improve this weapon.


  • The Drainheart Sword shares its appearance with Ghostblade.


  • The absorb stamina enchantment differs from other absorb stamina enchantments, allowing you to disenchant it and have two absorb stamina enchantments.