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Skyrim:Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

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Guild Hall:
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
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# of Zones 1
Important Treasure
Shrouded Armor
Shrouded Robes
Sacred Witness
Unusual Gem
Console Location Code(s)
DarkBrotherhoodSanctuary, DarkBrotherhoodSanctuaryExterior
Falkreath Hold
West of Falkreath
South of Roadside Ruins
The sinister black door of the Sanctuary

The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is one of two Dark Brotherhood sanctuaries located within Skyrim. The door is located under the road, just west of Falkreath.

The entrance will only be added to your map once you have completed With Friends Like These. Prior to this you are able to find the door, however the location will not appear on your map and the correct answer to the question is unavailable until you are told it by Astrid, preventing access.


Festus Krex
Gaston Bellefort (dead)
Lis (passive frostbite spider)
The Night Mother

They are only found here during Death Incarnate.
His bones are found in Lis' pit.

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There is a black pool to the right of the door from which Shadowmere emerges during The Cure for Madness. There are also several nightshade plants around the area. To the northwest are two iron ore veins. Once accepted into the Dark Brotherhood, travel to Falkreath and approach the door. It will ask you "What is the music of life?" Answer with the password Astrid taught you, "Silence, my brother". You will be welcomed to your new "home" and the door will open. Any incorrect answers result in the door stating "You are not worthy". You are able to keep answering without further penalty.

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Astrid's office

Upon entering there are Dark Brotherhood banners on either side of the passage, which leads down a short flight of stairs, around a corner into the first room. The first time you arrive you will find Astrid leaning against the wall at the top of another flight of stairs, with a doorway to the west. There is a long stone table with a tactical map of Skyrim on top. Anytime you enter, the map will be marked with an iron dagger stabbed into it showing the location of the current main Dark Brotherhood quest. There is also a copy of The Night Mother's Truth on the table. Behind the table is a throne and small cupboard holding clutter. On the right, against the wall are a couple of sets of shelves and a cupboard holding some ruined books, a copy of Lost Legends, one empty and one filled petty soul gem, a bottle of alto wine, two bottles of wine, a copy of the Alteration skill book Sithis, a steel dagger, and a full set of shrouded clothing including shrouded robes, a shrouded hood, shrouded hand wraps, a shrouded cowl maskless, and shrouded shoes. Only the cowl is counted as armor, the rest are clothes. There are also some crates, a barrel, and a couple of sacks of food.

The room to the west is Astrid and Arnbjorn's bedroom, although the double bed, which is coming out from the south wall, is unowned. Behind the head of the bed is a set of shelves holding more ruined books, a random helmet, and a bottle of alto wine. To the left of the bed is a dresser with an unusual gem on top, required as part of the No Stone Unturned quest. There is a large primitive fireplace against the west wall with a large pile of firewood to the left. There is an end table to the right of the bed and two chairs in front of the fire. A wardrobe is against the north wall concealing access to a hidden room. To the right of the wardrobe is a small table and chairs, with another bottle of alto wine on top.

Main area

Descending the stairs to the north leads to a large chamber where you will meet the rest of the "family", who are gathered together talking when you enter. There is a word wall to the north, where you learn a word for the Marked for Death dragon shout. To the right is a wide flight of stairs leading up to a passage and to the right of this is a pool of water fed by a waterfall with a large circular stained glass window above which depicts Sithis as a skeleton. There are many different fungi around the room and throughout the sanctuary as listed below. There are many Dark Brotherhood banners hanging from the walls of the chamber. To the right of the pool is a second passage. To the west is a large fireplace with an anvil, workbench, grindstone, and wood chopping block in front along with a long wooden table holding an iron battleaxe, an iron greatsword, an iron helmet, and an iron shield. This is where you will normally find Arnbjorn working. To the right of this are several archery targets and practice dummies and where you will normally find Veezara either sitting on the ground or practicing with the dummies.

Crafting stations
Lis' pit

Behind this, to the left of the word wall is an earthen ramp leading up to another doorway. There are a couple of barrels of ingredients to the left of this doorway. In the next room, to the right is a wooden bench with a knapsack beside it. Against the southwest wall are a couple of sets of shelves holding a filled petty soul gem, an apothecary's satchel, a filled grand soul gem, a nirnroot, a dragon's tongue flower, a thistle branch, and a flower basket. In the middle of this room is a stone table with copies of The Apprentice's Assistant and An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim on top. Against the south wall is an alchemy lab with two deathbell flowers on top. In an alcove to the north is an arcane enchanter. To the west is a wooden flight of stairs leading down to a pit containing Lis, Babette's pet frostbite spider, and the skeletal remains of Gaston Bellefort. At the top of the stairs is a small table and chair where the 300-year-old child vampire (and only trader within the Sanctuary), Babette, is usually found sitting. Festus Krex and Gabriella can also both normally be found in this area. To the northeast is another doorway with stairs leading down into a dining room.

Dining room

The dining room contains two long tables placed end-to-end in the middle of the room with chairs arranged around them. On the tables is a pheasant roast, two portions of grilled leeks, two venison chops, a green apple, a bottle of Nord mead, a joint of raw beef, a salmon steak, a tomato, a goat cheese wedge, and several loaves of bread. Nazir is normally found sitting at this table. To the northwest is a large fireplace with two pots hanging over it. To the left is a counter with a copy of Uncommon Taste, a leg of goat, a cabbage and two leeks on top, and a pheasant hanging from a rack above. To the right is another counter with shelves above it holding two potatoes, a tomato, and a couple of loaves of bread. Against the south wall are two thrones with a small table in front, a tall wardrobe to the right, and a very faded copy of The Five Tenets in a frame to the left. To the northeast is a flight of wooden stairs leading up into sleeping quarters. Under these are several crates, a barrel, and a sack of food. To the left is a cupboard with two sacks and a bottle of alto wine on the shelves. Hanging above is a bunch of dried elves ear and two garlic braids. There are Dark Brotherhood banners hanging high on the walls at either end of the room. The sleeping quarters contain five single unowned beds, a cupboard holding two food sacks, two end tables, one of which has a bottle of ale on top, two dressers, one with a thistle branch on top and the other with an iron war axe on top, a tall wardrobe containing clothes, a large urn and a novice-locked chest all found around the room. There is a doorway to the southeast and to the right, on a ledge overlooking the dining room, is a stack of barrels and a sack of food. Through the doorway is a passage with a small table and chairs on the left, with another framed copy of The Five Tents hanging on the wall behind, with a small set of shelves to the right holding clutter. The passage runs to the southwest, with a doorway on the left and a stone table on the right with a sprig of elves ear, a bowl of bone meal, and a troll skull on top. Opposite is a small set of shelves holding a burial urn, an iron helmet, and some ruined books. Hanging above are two bunches of dried elves ear and a bunch of dried frost mirriam. The doorway at the end leads back into the main chamber, at the top of the wide flight of stairs.

Word wall

Turning left out of the sleeping quarters leads to a small area containing two deathbell plants, with three more doors off of it, to the northeast, east and south. The door to the northeast leads to a small room with an owned child's stone bed, used by Babette. Also in the room are a set of shelves holding several skulls, a troll skull, some ruined books and an urn, a throne and a counter with a flower basket, a sample of bisterwort, a sample of bleeding crown, a nightshade flower and a copy of the Sneak skill book Sacred Witness on top. The doorway to the east leads into a strange shaped room with a table and chair on the right with a leather strip on top. There are four weapon racks holding an iron mace and with an iron battleaxe leaning against the wall next to it. Opposite is a set of shelves holding a piece of iron ore and a mammoth tusk. To the right of these are several crates and a dresser with two food sacks on top. In the corner is a cave-in with several piece of damaged and overturned furniture among the rubble. In the center of the room is a long wooden table and benches with an iron mace and bottle of wine on top. Against the east wall is an unowned single bed with an end table to the left. On the end table is a bottle of wine. To the right is a cupboard holding clutter, another end table, and a set of shelves holding an iron warhammer, an iron dagger and a pickaxe.

The Night Mother's room

The doorway to the south leads into a fairly empty room that is behind the circular stained glass window seen in the main area. It has more Dark Brotherhood banners on either side of it. There is a broken sideboard, a bloody wooden table, and a set of shelves in the room. On the shelves is another knapsack, a bottle of alto wine, and a troll skull. There are several crates, barrels and chairs around the room, as well as a second door to the south. This leads to another passage running east-west and leads down some stairs to the main area to the right of the pool.

Plants and Fungi

  • 8 Bleeding Crown
  • 2 Blisterwort *
  • 2 Deathbell
  • 5 Fly Amanita
  • 1 Imp Stool
  • 7 Namira' Rot
  • 2 Nightshade
  • 9 White Cap

* One additional growth cannot be interacted with.

Once you have completed at least one of your initial contracts to kill Narfi, Beitild, or Ennodius Papius, the next time you enter the Sanctuary you will find a commotion in the main area, with all the family including Astrid gathered around a new person named Cicero. You may have seen this person before on the road near Loreius Farm with a broken wagon wheel in need of help. There is a quest to convince Loreius to assist Cicero with the broken wheel, that can be undertaken prior to meeting him in the sanctuary. Cicero is an Imperial assassin and Keeper of the Dark Brotherhood. As Keeper, he is responsible for caring for the Night Mother's body and casket. He's come to Skyrim with the Night Mother in a large crate, seeking protection for them, at the last functioning sanctuary in the empire, after the last sanctuary in Cyrodil fell. Most of the family seem unhappy about his arrival, with the exception of Festus Krex who is overjoyed and believes this marks the beginning of the return to the old ways.

The next time you visit the sanctuary you will find the Night Mother's casket has been moved and is located upright in the small room behind the stained glass window. He takes the strange shaped room at the back of the sanctuary next to Babette's as his sleeping quarters.

Following the completion of the Dark Brotherhood quest Breaching Security, a total of five journals written by Cicero can be found in his quarters. They detail his life from his origins in Bruma, all the way through to recent events, including mentioning another disused sanctuary located in Dawnstar, where he originally went when arriving in Skyrim. In the final volume it talks of the existence of another sanctuary in Dawnstar and provides the password granting access.

Astrid and Arnbjorn's room

Upon returning to the sanctuary at the end of the quest To Kill an Empire, you will find several Penitus Oculatus agents on the road leading to the sanctuary along with horses and carriages loaded with firewood and barrels of oil, with more agents and barrels stacked near the entrance. There are oil slicks on and around the barrels, which can be ignited with any flames. Festus Krex can be found dead to the right of the entrance, pinned to a tree by many iron arrows. Upon entering the sanctuary, all is in pandemonium with fires raging throughout and agents slaughtering any of your brethren they find. They are led by Arcturus. As you move through the sanctuary the fires continue to grow, herding you ever deeper. There are bodies of many dead agents, showing how valiantly each of your family fought, but it is obvious by the sheer number of agents it's overwhelming. In the first room, where you would normally find Astrid, is the body of Veezara, along with two agents discussing who betrayed the family. In the main chamber is Arnbjorn in werewolf form, but still wearing his shrouded cuirass; his death is scripted and unavoidable. Next Gabriella's remains can be found in the room containing the arcane enchanter. She's wearing her shrouded robes, shoes, and hand wraps. In the pit are the remains of Lis; unusually you can harvest two vials of frostbite venom from her, as if she were a giant frostbite spider. In the sleeping quarters you will find Nazir battling with Arcturus. Once Arcturus is defeated you and Nazir need to find an escape. The Night Mother tells you to embrace her.

The secret room where you find Astrid preforming the Black Sacrament

After a cut-scene plays you hear Babette cajoling Nazir to go quicker at digging the Night Mother's casket out. Once opened you will find it is next to the pool in the main chamber. The Night Mother instructs you to speak to Astrid. You will find her in a secret chamber found off of her and Arnbjorn's bedroom. The wardrobe has been pulled aside to reveal the chamber and Astrid laid out on the floor, barely alive with the Blade of Woe, an iron dagger, and a nightshade flower beside her. A cave-in has blocked the passage at the top of the stairs leading to the sleeping quarters and the doorway that leads to the crafting stations and Lis' pit. There are numerous burnt corpses found in the main chamber and first room that can be looted for a few septims or a sample of bone meal. There is nothing else of interest. It is obvious that the sanctuary is finished and that you will need to move the Dark Brotherhood to new premises.


  • Followers cannot enter the sanctuary, and will stand outside waiting while you are inside it.
  • Sleeping in any of the beds here will normally provide the Rested bonus. However, if your spouse is currently following you (and waiting outside), then you will receive the Lover's Comfort bonus.
  • In the bedroom at the entrance there is a secret room behind the wardrobe. It has items needed for a Black Sacrament and the Blade of Woe. After Astrid betrays the Dark Brotherhood and the Sanctuary is raided, the wardrobe is pushed aside and she can be found lying there performing the Black Sacrament.
  • Cicero's journals appear in his room during Whispers in the Dark.


  • After the Sanctuary is destroyed, entering it may cause the game to freeze.