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Skyrim:Anga's Mill Common House

Skyrim: Places: Homes
Anga's Mill Common House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
The Pale
Anga's Mill
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
The Common House

Anga's Mill Common House is a home in the small settlement of Anga's Mill, located next to Aeri's House.

It is the home of the two unhappy and ever-nagging sawmill workers, Kodrir and Leifur. It consists of one area, Anga's Mill Common House.




Anga's Mill Common House

Interior view

The front door opens to the sight of the fireplace, which holds three gold coins on the mantel and a cooking pot at its base, where Leifur often cooks in the evening. In the southwestern area sit three respawning food barrels along with a well-dressed dinner table with two loaves and one piece of bread, some sliced goat cheese, two bottles of alto wine, and one bottle of regular wine. Atop one of the barrels is a goat cheese wheel. Across from the cooking pot stands a non-respawning cupboard with clutter, with some troll fat and a pile of salt on top. At the foot of the cupboard is a basket containing three chicken's eggs, and a respawning food barrel.

Next to the fireplace is a kettle containing four potatoes, and another dinner table with plenty of food: three slices of seared slaughterfish, two potatoes, a cluster of garlic, a head of cabbage, a sliced eidar cheese, a leek, and three loaves of bread. Above the table hangs more food, some dried frost mirriam, two samples of dried elves ear, and two garlic braids. There are also some game underneath the ceiling, two rabbits and two pheasants. On the same wall stands a set of shelves with two bottles of wine and one of alto wine, and the quest-related book The Legend of Red Eagle. Next up are a non-respawning dresser with clothes and a small non-respawning chest with very minor loot. The dresser stands behind one of the three owned beds in the sleeping area. Next to the first bed, a non-respawning end table contains clutter and has a steel dagger on top.

Behind the next owned bed sits a respawning food barrel and a non-respawning wardrobe with a sabre cat pelt on top. Opposite the wardrobe is a small table with two bottles of Nord mead. In the eastern corner are another non-respawning end table with clutter, a hidden medium coin purse, a pair of boots, a hat, and a potion of haggling. The respawning chest at the foot of the bed contains minor loot, same as the non-respawning end table in the opposite corner. Two respawning food barrels are nearby. The end table has four gold coins on top, as well as a copy of the Speech skill book Biography of the Wolf Queen.


  • The front door has a novice lock, the key to which is carried by both Kodrir and Leifur.
  • There are three respawning food barrels near the door, two to the south and one to the north. A woodcutter's axe rests atop a crate on the north side.