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Skyrim:Aetherial Crown

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Artifact: Aetherial Crown ()
Type Circlet
Added by Dawnguard
Editor ID DLC1LD_AetherialCrown
0 {{{Health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 2250
Tempering Dwarven Metal Ingot
Tempering Dwarven Metal Ingot Perk None
Aetherial Crown

The Aetherial Crown is created at the Aetherium Forge as one of three possible rewards for Lost to the Ages. It retains the power of your old Standing Stone power when you choose one, meaning that while you wear it you can have two Standing Stone powers active at the same time.

To make the Aetherial Crown, you must have (in addition to the Aetherium Crest):

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  • The Crown will store the Standing Stone power which will be removed when choosing a new one (e.g. if you have the Thief Stone power and then choose The Warrior Stone, the Crown will store the Thief Stone power as it was the one that was removed).
  • When equipping the Crown it will add the stored Standing Stone power to your active effect list. So if you want to change your Standing Stone combination without losing the power stored in the Crown, simply unequip the Crown and then activate the Standing Stone to get the power, after that equip the Crown again.
  • To keep the resting bonuses while using The Lover Stone, unequip the Aetherial Crown (containing The Lover Stone) before sleeping and re-equip it after obtaining the resting bonus. This can be combined with one of The Guardian Stones for maximum benefits, provided one doesn't have Lycanthropy.
  • If you give the Crown to a follower, its stored effect will not work on the follower.
  • This item is fully permanent.


  • The Aetherial Crown can be tempered with a Dwarven Metal Ingot, but since it has no armor rating, tempering increases only its value.
  • If you are an Argonian or a Khajiit and have the Ancient Shrouded Cowl or the Worn Shrouded Cowl, you can equip the crown and the Cowl, then switch the helmet spot and the crown will stay and the effect will still be active.
  • If the Lord Stone is stored, sometimes equipping and unequipping the crown will cause the armor increase to happen after the crown is removed, and decreased (returned to normal) when equipped. ?
  • Equipping the crown may not grant the stored stone bonus. Unequipping it (which will remark the stone effect was removed even though it was never really added) and re-equipping it should fix. ?
  • Standing stone Greater Powers (use limited to once-per-day) stored in the Aetherial Crown can be used any number of times per day by unequipping and re-equipping the Aetherial Crown.