Welcome to the Shivering sandbox! For normal testing, you should use the UESPWiki:Sandbox page instead. This page exists for testing templates and such which need to be in the Shivering namespace. Keep in mind that content added to the sandbox will not stay permanently, and also remember to not place copyrighted or offensive material here.

This is just a temporary list of some about-to-be-added magic words for debugging purposes. At the moment, these will all be red links. However, once the next code updates are installed, this page will provide a convenient way to check whether or not the updates have taken effect properly.

  • Shivering Isles - should display "Shivering Isles"
  • Shivering: - should display "Shivering:"
  • Shivering - should display "Shivering"
  • Shivering Isles - should display "Shivering Isles" ([[Shivering:Shivering Isles|Shivering Isles]])
  • Shivering:Shivering Isles - should display "Shivering:Shivering Isles"
  • Oblivion - should display "Oblivion"
  • Sandbox - should display "Sandbox"
  • Sandbox - should display "Sandbox"
  • random page name, A - should display "random page name, A"