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Shivering:Rendil Drarara

Shivering Isles: People
Rendil Drarara
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Home City New Sheoth Bliss
House Rendil Drarara's House
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 4 Class Commoner
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Other Information
Health 53 Magicka 110
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Mania; Bliss Citizen
Rendil Drarara

Rendil Drarara is a Dunmer commoner and "chef extraordinaire" who lives in Bliss, New Sheoth. He is manically obsessed with cooking and spends most of his time creating various gastronomical treats using a wide array of exotic ingredients.

He sleeps in the upstairs area of his house every night between 10pm and 6am. He always starts the day with a two-hour breakfast seated at the well-provided dinner table in his bedroom. At 8am, he heads over to Tilse Areleth in Common Treasures for a bit of shopping. He returns to his house at 10am and starts cooking in the kitchen area of the ground floor. He keeps going until 2pm, when he heads down to the Sacellum Arden-Sul for two hours of praying. At 4pm, he heads back home for another four hours of cooking until he finally heads upstairs and eats a two-hour dinner at 8pm. When the Sacellum is closed between Ritual of Accession and Retaking The Fringe, Rendil simply keeps cooking at 2pm.

Like a true chef, Rendil always carries a complete set of kitchen utensils around, a pewter bowl with a fork and knife, as well as a respawning carrot and whatever ingredients he has picked up. He wields a fine iron dagger and wears a brown tunic with grey trousers and orange loafers. He also carries his house key and a small amount of gold.

When you meet him for the first time, he will introduce himself and present you with some of his specialties: "Rendil Drarara, chef extraordinaire at your service. You haven't truly eaten a decent meal until you've had my Strawberry Harrada, Greenmote Lime Surprise, and Spiderling Under Glass!" On second encounters, he may say: "Make this brief, I have a pot of Grummite Gumbo simmering on my fire at home." When you exit the conversation, he will say: "Farewell. So much to bake, so little time!" When you or other citizens get near him, the food-obsessed chef will say: "Mmmmm. Is that fresh bread I smell?"

Stage Dependent Dialogue

At different stages in the Main Quest, Rendil will share different rumors with other NPCs:

  • A new adventurer may set foot in the Shivering Isles, I hear. Perhaps I will bake him a fine treat in case our paths should cross.
  • So, this mystery adventurer has breached our defenses. I better prepare a special dish to commemorate this event.
  • I feel safer now that the Resonator of Judgment has been restored. I was beginning to worry.
  • So, Thadon has the Chalice again? I wish I had time to loaf about and drink Felldew.
  • I never understood Syl's methods. Wouldn't a nice talk and a basket of hot biscuits get her the information she needs?
  • Like the hearth in my kitchen, the Great Torch burns once more. This makes me as happy as a batch of sweetrolls.
  • I hadn't heard that Syl was replaced, I was too busy prefecting [sic] my latest culinary creation.
  • I hadn't heard that Thadon was replaced, I was too busy perfecting my latest culinary creation.
  • Oh, my word! The Fringe, gone? Luckily, Sheogorath will protect us. He always does.
  • So, the Gatekeeper is back at its post... good. Now we all may be able to get things done around here.
  • Armies, war? Bah! When it comes to a man's heart, a basket of sweetrolls can be as effective as a sword.
  • Sheogorath has vanished? I certainly hope it had nothing to do with the Greenmote Upsidedown Cake I sent to the Castle.
  • The day is ours! Come and celebrate, we will feast and dine until we can eat no more!

If Rendil is killed and his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard is activated, it will read: "He's cooked his last meal".


  • When Rendil is on his way to the Sacellum at 2pm, or on his way home at 4pm, the fork-obsessed Big Head will attempt to steal his pewter fork, often causing the untimely death of Big Head and the end of his related quest. This can be avoided by pickpocketing the fork from Rendil without getting caught, before Big Head detects him.