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Shivering:Nanette Don's House

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Nanette Don's House
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The Fringe

Nanette Don's House is a large and spacious village home in Passwall across from The Wastrel's Purse, where she and Felas Sarandas reside.

Near the entrance is a copy of The Predecessors on top of a shelf and an unlocked chest may contain (75% chance each) up to two iron or steel weapons or up to two pieces of light armor (fur or leather). The bedroom area is mostly made up of two beds, both owned by Nanette. The chest between the beds contains some spare change and clutter while the jewelry box may hold up to two pieces of jewelry (50% each), an enchanted jewelry item (10%) and a random potion (10%). The dining area is made up of two tables: on one sits a typical Isles meal of a smoked baliwog leg and five flame stalks; another bowl with fourteen blackberries is found on the other one. On the landing at the top of the stairs sits a few storage crates and a door leading to a balcony. Throughout the house lie various barrels and sacks containing foodstuffs and general clutter.


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