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Shivering:Hirrus Clutumnus' House

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Hirrus Clutumnus' House
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Console Location Code(s)
SENSHirrusClitumnusHouse, SENSHirrusClitumnusHouseUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible

Hirrus Clutumnus' House is located in the southwestern part of Crucible. It holds very little but re-enforces his suicidal nature. Upon entering, there is a wooden table with bloodstains around some makeshift torture items. Above the battered stool near the stairs is a chain hanging down with a shackle on. The upper floor has a few items of interest. There is a copy of The Liturgy of Affliction on the nightstand. Upon his wardrobe is a jewelry box holding the Ring of Happiness and a copy of his will. There are also two bottles of cheap wine upon the wardrobe. More wine and many pieces of crumpled paper litter the corner of his room. Both the cupboard and the jewelry box are safe for long-term storage.