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Halcyon Conservatory
Console Location Code(s)
New Sheoth, New Sheoth Palace
The Halcyon Conservatory

The Halcyon Conservatory is a garden in the New Sheoth Palace frequented by inhabitants of the House of Mania.

Thadon dances here in the mornings before spending time on his painting, Wide-Eye sits in the garden reading her book in the morning too, and Gundlar likes to wander around the garden in the afternoons. Patrolling the garden at all times are two Golden Saint guards. The Conservatory is open to the public, unlike its counterpart.

The main feature of the garden is its extensive flora. A total of 52 colorful plants grow here:

The only other feature of note is the table with two bottles of Fellmoor Swamp Wine and three Silver Goblets.

Two doors lead from the garden into the House of Mania and one leads directly to the Duke's Quarters.