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Shivering:Ashen Remains

Shivering Isles: Alchemy / Items: Ingredients
Ashen Remains
Ashen Remains
Value 5 Weight 0.8
Alchemy Effects
1st Fortify Fatigue Fortify Fatigue
2nd Damage Luck
3rd Silence Silence
4th Weakness to Fire Weakness to Fire
# Samples 22
# Plants 0

Ashen Remains are the remnants of bones burned using the Crematorium in Ebrocca. They cannot be collected from any creatures or plants, but the Crematorium can be used to generate many Ashen Remains, limited only by the availability of bones and of Bone Shards.



22 guaranteed samples can be found. The places with the highest numbers of samples are:

  • 15 samples are in Cylarne, Altar of Despair zone
  • 7 samples are in Ebrocca, Crematorium zone