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The following are those bugs which have been reported by UESP members. Their inclusion in this list does not necessarily guarantee that said bugs will appear in your game, neither that they are exclusive to the listed version.


On occasion, pressing both the attack and defend buttons simultaneously will cause the auto-defend action to no longer work. The functionality of this action may be restored by restarting the game.

Beetle Bug

An unknown cause may lead to Cyrus spasming while on the Beetle Bug, leading to a frozen state upon reaching the pipe level. Currently, no means of circumventing this error is known.


Proximity limits make it possible to be attacked by guards when conversing with citizens and to receive a "They aren't armed" message when attempting to retaliate in the vicinity of a non-aggressive NPC.

An unconfirmed source states that, as noted on the official Redguard forum, the above-noted "bugs" were intentionally placed within the game by the developers.


Standing just inside the entrance to Erasmo's dwelling may lead to his character "jumping" around the room. The game may freeze if Erasmo is interrupted while "jumping".

Map Marker

The "X" marking N'Gasta's location has been noted to be situated roughly 10-20 pixels higher than it should be. Whether this is the result of a bug or a developer's oversight is unknown.

Missing Kotaro

After having defeated N'Gasta, it is possible to return to town and visit the table formerly occupied by Kotaro; therein the player may select the "Talk to Kotaro" option, despite his being absent. Choosing said option will freeze the game. The only means of correcting this error is by reloading a prior save-game or restarting.

In a possibly related bug, it has been noted that the "Enter Building" dialogue no longer appears for certain players after having encountered the above-noted bug.

Picking up Items

If, while backing up in an attempt to acquire an item, an object blocks Cyrus' path, the game will glitch (displaying a constantly backing up Cyrus) or freeze. This error may be circumvented by reloading a prior savegame.

Talking NPCs

Like Picking up Items bug but this one happens when you try to speak with an NPC.

Shark Freeze

Falling into water and being attacked by a shark may lead to a total system freeze. In this state the game will be utterly unresponsive. The only means of correcting this error is by a total reset.

The Void

The infamous void continues to plague Elder Scrolls titles. Entering the void will lead to the player plummeting through empty black space, eventually leading to death and a "Reload Last Save Game" message.

Thus far, players have reported entering the void from the Goblin Caves (while bouncing on a mushroom) and the Harbour Town docks (while walking up the stairs from the first floor).