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A list of those NPCs and creatures that you will fight in the game in alphabetical order. This includes how tough the monsters are in addition to any combat strategies. More information on some of the NPCs can be found on the Characters page.

Creature Image Abilities Notes
Attrebus RG-npc-Attrebus.gif
  • Takes about 6 regular hits
  • Probably encountered as one of the guards in the palace
  • Unless you're observant, you probably won't even know you're fighting him.
  • Essentially fights as an above-average guard
Dram RG-npc-Dram.gif
  • Takes 3-4 hits before running
  • Can cast spells
  • Uses a bow in addition to a sword
  • Encountered several times, but runs away each time
  • Close quickly and attack as fast as possible.
Dwarven Robot Ficheiro:RG-creature-Dwarven Robot.gif
  • Invulnerable to attacks except on its Achilles heel
  • Takes 5-6 regular hits
  • Kills instantly if it hits you
  • Encountered once at the end of the Dwarven Mines
  • Must attack the back of its left heel to kill
  • Its wreckage supplies you with a needed dwarven gear.
Elite Goblin
Ficheiro:RG-creature-Elite Goblin.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Elite Goblin 02.gif
  • Takes 4-5 regular hits
  • Slightly tougher than a regular goblin
  • Not that skilled, but quick
  • Found only in the goblin caves area
  • Carries a random treasure (gold, potion, or torch)
Elite Guard
Ficheiro:RG-npc-Elite Guard.gif Ficheiro:RG-npc-Elite Guard 2.gif
  • Takes 4-5 regular hits
  • Slightly more difficult than the regular guard
  • Fighting several of these at a time can be a pain. Try to isolate and kill one at a time if possible.
  • Carries usually a few pieces of gold or, occasionally, a potion
Goblin Ficheiro:RG-creature-Goblin.gif
  • Takes 3 regular hits
  • Not that skilled, but quick
  • Found only in the goblin caves area
  • Carries a random treasure (gold, potion, or torch)
Goblin King Ficheiro:RG-creature-Goblin King.gif
  • Invulnerable to Normal Weapons
  • Slow, but packs quite a punch
  • Found only in the goblin caves area
  • Carries a large amount of gold
  • Requires careful thought in order to kill
  • Note that the Goblin King is actually an Ogre.
Guard Ficheiro:RG-npc-Guard.gif
  • Takes 3-4 regular hits
  • Not too difficult one at a time, but several can gang up on you.
  • Patiently defend and attack when safe.
  • Found only around or inside the palace?
  • Carries usually a few pieces of gold or, occasionally, a potion
Mad Men / Pirates
Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man.gif Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man 02.gif Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man 03.gif
Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man 04.gif Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man 05.gif Ficheiro:RG-npc-Man 06.gif
  • Takes 5 regular hits
  • A number of pirates and madmen are encountered on various places around the island.
  • They attack immediately on sight and within a certain range.
  • They carry a random treasure of gold, potion, or a canah feather.
  • One of them carries the map of the island. Found on a beach near the northern part of the town, on the way to N'Gasta's tower.
  • Unknown
  • This Red Dragon dwells in the Treasure Vaults under the Palace.
Robot (Dwarven Sphere)
Ficheiro:RG-creature-Robot.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Robot 02.gif
  • Takes 4-5 regular hits
  • Rather difficult monster found only in the dwarven mines and steam pipes area
  • Assumes the form of a steel ball until you approach
  • You cannot always defend their attacks.
  • They are more difficult to hit than your average opponent and very quick.
  • Approach and attack as quickly as possible.
Rock Spider
  • Unknown
  • Found only in the caverns
  • Rock Spiders attack by leaping out of hiding in either the floor or walls.
Ficheiro:RG-creature-Skeleton.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Skeleton 2.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Skeleton 3.gif
  • Takes 2 regular hits
  • Easy monster found only on the Isle of N'Gasta
  • Carry 5-10 gold pieces or a random potion
Ficheiro:RG-creature-Troll.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Troll (Burning).gif
  • Takes 6-7 regular hits
  • Takes 3-4 hits with strength potion
  • Regenerates after about a minute
  • Tough monster found only in the Goblin Caves
  • You cannot defend against their hits so attack as quickly as possible.
  • Once dead you can torch their bodies to prevent them from regenerating.
Vermai 200px
  • Unknown
  • Two of these Daedra are found in N'Gasta's Tower.
Ficheiro:RG-creature-Zombie.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Zombie 2.gif Ficheiro:RG-creature-Zombie 3.gif
  • Takes 10 regular hits
  • Regenerates after 10-20 seconds
  • Tough monster found only on the Isle of N'Gasta
  • There seems to be no way to kill them; torching their corpse has no effect.
  • Fortunately, they are very slow monsters, so you can easily outrun them.
  • They do follow you around for a while before 'forgetting' about you.