Displays color-coded soul strength based on numerical (Morrowind) or text (Oblivion) input. For Morrowind, automatically calculates the type of soul based on the given numerical value. For Oblivion, just uses whatever text is given, changing the color accordingly.


Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
1 required Soul strength. For Morrowind, this is a number. For Oblivion, it is one of the following: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand, or Black. Anything else is interpreted as a Leveled soul, and the text displays as written.
2 optional Set this to any value to omit the category definitions; leave it out to declare categories as normal. Categories will automatically be omitted in User or Template space.
ns_base optional Use this to override the article namespace for categories. Categories will still be omitted in User or Template space.


Namespace Code Result Category
Morrowind {{Soul|256}} Grand (256) Morrowind-Souls-Grand
Oblivion {{Soul|Petty|no}} Petty None
User {{Soul|1500|ns_base=Morrowind}} Divine (1500) None