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This template is used to add citing references similar to the <ref> tag, but only affects the pages directly using this template, not pages that transclude those.


Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
name optional identifier for the reference
group optional reference group
1 optional text showing up in the references section

Either name or 1 must be specified.


This template is built on and emulates the use of the Cite extension, but avoids the need of cluttering articles with <noinclude> statements in the common case the references shouldn't show up on transcluding pages.

Usage of this template and <ref> tags can be freely mixed, if desired. Pages using this must include a <references/> tag or {{Reflist}} template somewhere to show a list of the references.

In the case that a transcluding page should show the references, this can be done by adding a |showrefs=1 parameter to the transclusion.


  • {{ref|text}} — simple reference
  • {{ref|name=desc|text}} — reference with an identifying name
  • {{ref|name=desc}} — reference using the text of previous reference with the same name
  • {{ref|group="oog"|[http://www.imperial-library.info/ Imperial Library]}} — Out of game reference