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Semi Protection


Add the {{huh}} template to infoboxes or other tables that are missing data.

It may also be added to tables that contain information that needs to be verified, as it requires less space than the {{verification needed}} template, and therefore is less likely to break a table.

When removing this tag, please ensure all necessary data has been added. Placing this on a page will place that page in the Pages Missing Data category and in Category:{{NS_NAME}} Pages Missing Data (e.g., Skyrim Pages Missing Data).


Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
1 optional Custom text to use in place of (?)
nosup optional Specify any value for this parameter to remove the superscripting of the text.




{{huh|Is this right?}}

Is this right?

{{huh|Is this right?|nosup=1}}

Is this right?