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Predefinição:Archive Header

Due to the sensitive nature of this template and the fact that it is used on a large number of pages, it has been semi-protected to prevent site-wide damage by vandal bots.
Editors: In order to minimize the impact on our servers, please use sandboxes to make and test changes to widely used templates before deployment.
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This is a general header for display on archived subpages. It displays a message stating that the page is an archive, adds a link to the source page or pages, and places the page in any relevant categories.


Archive Header
Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
source optional Page where archived content was originally located (including namespace). (Defaults to base page name, with exceptions created for UESPWiki:Archive/CP and UESPWiki:Archive/AN pages.)
source2 optional Secondary page where archived content was originally located, for use on archives like Oblivion_talk:Glitches which also includes archives from Oblivion:Glitches/Proposed.
date optional Date on which archived discussion started, in format: Year Month.
cat or 1
cat2 or 2
cat3 or 3
cat4 or 4
optional Categories to use for archived page. If cat is set to "none" then no categories are created for this archive (not even the uncategorized categories).


{{Archive Header|none}}

Typical use on a page such as UESPWiki:Community Portal/Archive 1: came from the Community Portal, no categories needed

{{Archive Header|Blocking Policy|Vandalism|date=2008 June}}

Archive from Community Portal; adds two subcategories and the date

{{Archive Header|Blocking Policy|Vandalism|date=2008 June|source=UESPWiki:Administrator Noticeboard}}

Archive from Administrator Noticeboard instead of Community Portal