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Oblivion:The Order of the Virtuous Blood (faction)

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The Order of the Virtuous Blood
Tapestry in The Order of the Virtuous Blood HQ

The Order of the Virtuous Blood is a citizen's group in the Imperial City Temple District dedicated to combating vampires.

The original head of the order is Seridur, and the order's "sanctuary" is located in the basement of Seridur's house. Members of the order include Gilen Norvalo and Grey-Throat. Depending upon your actions during the Order of the Virtuous Blood quest, Roland Jenseric may become the new head of the order. (Also Cylben Dolovas, ostensibly Seridur's bodyguard, is always present in Seridur's house, even after Seridur's death, but is not apparently a member of the order.)

The effectiveness of the Order of the Virtuous Blood at vampire hunting is questionable. Initially, the head of the order is himself a vampire. The order will happily invite characters who are vampires to join their order. They claim to be seeking out vampires, but apparently have never found the rampant vampire activity under the city (i.e., in the sewers under the Arena district). They haven't found out about Jakben either. They freely admit that they are too weak to actually fight vampires themselves. Their only means of combating vampirism appears to be the 250 gold reward they will provide to honorary members of the order. Players can take advantage of this, assuming they have completed the Mages Guild quest, by using the Enchanted Chest.


Characters can become an Honorary Member of the Order (the sole rank Brother or Sister depending on gender):

  • If you complete the Order of the Virtuous Blood and kill Seridur, Roland Jenseric will offer you membership.
  • The main benefit of membership is that you are able to give Roland vampire dust in exchange for 250 gold (see Vampire Dust for details on which vampire dust qualifies).
  • A minor benefit is that items in Seridur's basement can be taken, but the items are mostly small value. The most valuable item is a copy of Immortal Blood, a Hand to Hand Skill Book.
  • No other quests are associated with the Order.