Oblivion: Creatures: Animals
Redmaw (RefID: 00066A0E)
Location Gnoll Mountain
Species Wolf Soul Lesser
Level 6 Type Animals
RefID 00066A0E BaseID 00066A0C
  • 30pts melee
  • Minor Loot (15%)
Other Information
Health 130 Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 60
Faction(s) Havilstein Hoar-Blood's Secret Faction; Creatures
Redmaw the wolf

Redmaw is the pet wolf of Havilstein Hoar-Blood. He only appears during The Coldest Sleep. Redmaw is usually eating, but if his master wanders too far from the camp, Redmaw will join him. Like Havilstein, Redmaw will attack the player on sight. He does six times the damage of a normal wolf, making him the strongest wolf in the game.

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  • "Redmaw" is a direct translation of "Carcharoth", which is a mighty wolf known from J.R.R Tolkien's book "The Silmarillion".