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Oblivion:Knights of the Nine Magic

Oblivion: Knights of the Nine

This page lists all of the new magic (spells, powers, blessings, and curses) made available to the player by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in.

  • For the statistics of enchanted armor and weapons in Knights of the Nine, see the page on New Items.



The following magical effects are abilities gained while having a specific relic equipped.

Ability FormID Enchantment Relic
O-Fortify small.png Crusader's Arm xx000E05 Sword of the Crusader
O-Fortify small.png Crusader's Arm xx000E0A Mace of the Crusader
O-Shield small.png Holy Aura xx000E01 Wearing all six armor Crusader's Relics
Woodland Grace Woodland Grace xx000E04 Boots of the Crusader


When you have completed the quest Umaril the Unfeathered (the last Knights of the Nine quest), the following blessings become available as one of the quest rewards. Each blessing is a semi-permanent Fortify Attribute ability. These blessings are given by activating the appropriate tomb in the Priory of the Nine Undercroft. Only one blessing may be active at a time and can be switched out at any moment the player so chooses.

Tomb Blessing FormID Attribute
Sir Amiel Akatosh's Blessing xx000DFB Strength +5
Sir Caius Stendarr's Blessing xx000E00 Personality +5*
Sir Casimir Mara's Blessing xx000DFF Endurance +5
Sir Gregory Dibella's Blessing xx000DFD Personality +5*
Sir Henrik Julianos' Blessing xx000DFE Intelligence +5
Sir Juncan Kynareth's Blessing xx000DFC Speed +5
Sir Ralvas Zenithar's Blessing xx000DF9 Luck +5
Sir Torolf Arkay's Blessing xx000DFA Willpower +5

* Due to an error, Sir Caius's blessing fortifies your personality, not your agility as he states in dialog.


Name FormID Curse Source
Damage Health Curse of the Consumed xx000E26 The curse is lifted from Kellen during Stendarr's Mercy and given to the player.
O-StuntedMagicka small.pngO-Fire small.pngO-Frost small.pngO-Damage small.pngO-Poison small.pngO-Shock small.png Lord Vlindrel's Curse xx000E2D Equipping the Cursed Sword of the Crusader when you have less than 2 points of infamy. The Curse will remain even if you unequip the Sword. It will only be removed when you purify the Sword at the Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal.
Umaril's Bane Umaril's Bane* xx000E02 Wearing all six Armor Pieces of the Crusader.
Crusader's Bane Crusader's Bane** xx000E07 Striking Umaril with the Sword or Mace of the Crusader.

*This curse only affects Umaril and not the player.
**This curse only affects Umaril in the physical plane.

Lesser Powers

The following are new Lesser Powers made available by the Knights of the Nine official plug-in. While some are derived from the Crusader's Relics others are quest related.

Ability FormID Enchantment Source Magicka Cost
O-Shield small.png Blessing of the Eight xx000E08
  • Shield 20% for 60 secs on Touch
Greaves of the Crusader 25
O-Fortify small.png

O-Drain small.png

Blessing of Talos xx000E0C Quest: The Blessing of Talos 0
O-Restore small.png Lay Hands xx000E25 Quest: Stendarr's Mercy 3
O-Restore small.png Merciful Touch xx000E06 Gauntlets of the Crusader 25
O-Calm small.png Serene Beauty xx000E09
  • Calm 100 pts each for 10 secs on Touch
Helm of the Crusader 25