Oblivion:Dreamworld Minotaur

Oblivion: Creatures: Monsters
Dreamworld Minotaur (RefID: 0008C81A, 0008C81B)
Location Henantier's Dreamworld, Test of Resolve
Species Minotaur Soul LeveledL:-1
Level PC-1 Type Monsters
RefID 0008C81A
BaseID 0008C815
  • Leveled Warhammer
Other Information
Health 25x(lvl-1) Magicka 2x(lvl-1)
Respons. 0 Aggress. 100
Faction(s) Creatures
Dreamworld Minotaur

Dreamworld Minotaurs are two minotaurs only encountered in Henantier's Dreamworld. In the Dreamworld they are part of the Test of Resolve. Dreamworld Minotaurs don't drop a Minotaur Horn, and wield a leveled warhammer.

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