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Oblivion:Deetum-Ja's House

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Harlun's Watch
Deetum-Ja's House

Deetum-Ja's House is one of the three homes located in Harlun's Watch. It is situated beside Aengvir's house and across from Drarana Thelis' house.

The house is the residence of Deetum-Ja and S'mirra and consists of only one zone, Deetum-Ja's House.




Deetum-Ja's House

The downstairs of the house.
The upstairs of the house.

Unlike their neighbors, Drarana Thelis and Aengvir, Deetum-Ja and S'mirra work the land hard every day, and the interior of their house reflect that: there's plenty of food and ingredients found everywhere on the lower floor as well as several beverages. Some upper-class clothing can also be found in a chest upstairs. The house bears close resemblance to the interior of a typical Inn, suggesting that Harlun's Watch once could offer beds to travelers and adventurers.


  • There is no key to this location.