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Oblivion:Cheydinhal Castle

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Cheydinhal Castle
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Count Andel Indarys
Console Location Code(s)
CheydinhalCastleCountyHall, CheydinhalCastleDungeon, CheydinhalCastleGreatHall, CheydinhalCastleGuardBarracks, CheydinhalCastleLordsQuarters, CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters
Nibenay Basin
In the northwestern part of Cheydinhal
Cheydinhal Castle

Cheydinhal Castle is on top of a hill in the northeast of Cheydinhal. It is the seat of the Count of Cheydinhal, Count Andel Indarys

The Castle is composed of the Cheydinhal Castle County Hall, Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall, Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters, and the Cheydinhal Lord's Private Quarters. The tower in the southwest corner of the Castle's courtyard houses the Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks and the Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon.

The County Hall

Cheydinhal Castle County Hall

The entrance to the county hall reveals a lavish entrance with flowering gardens throughout. A total of fifty-six fly amanita mushrooms can be found in these indoor gardens. The stairs opposite the entrance lead into a hallway with a doorway opposite into the throne room and a door at the west end of the hallway into a small bedroom. A crate containing clutter and two food barrels sit next to the door. The westernmost of the two beds against the south wall belongs to Ra'qanar. The eight sacks in this room all contain clutter, as does the crate on the north wall with a loaf of bread sitting on top. The three barrels on the north wall hold food, and the chest of drawers in the northwest corner contains clothing.

The throne room features two thrones on a dais at the north end of the room. In the northeast corner of the room, two barrels hold food next to a clutter chest. The sack on the floor in the corner, the two on the bookshelf, and the one on the table also contain clutter. In the northwest corner of the room another clutter sack sits between two bookshelves, and four gold pieces sit on the table. The stairs on the east and west ends of the room lead up to a balcony along the north wall. The door on the west end of the balcony leads to the Great Hall, and the door on the east end of the balcony leads to the private quarters.

The Great Hall

Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall

The entrance to the Great Hall leads into a hallway with a door on the west end and a door on the south side. A barrel and sack sit in the corner; both hold only clutter. The door at the end of the hall reveals a small storage room with three crates and two sacks that contain clutter. Five of the seven barrels in this room also hold clutter; the two on top of crates hold food.

The door on the south wall of the hall leads into a large dining room. Four indoor gardens surround the dining table in the middle room. Along with the garden in the adjacent meeting room, fifty-eight fly amanita mushrooms grow here. The table is set for eight with fourteen strawberries, nine apples, five pieces of boar meat, three cheese wedges, two loaves of bread, two carrots, and an ear of corn.

The door in the southwest corner of the room leads into a meeting room, with two chairs and two benches surrounding a small table upon which sits three apples, three cheese wedges, a cheese wheel, two bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Wine. A chest on the west wall contains clutter, as does the chest on the east wall, the sack beside it, and the other sack on the north wall.

Private Quarters

Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters

Upon entering the private quarters from the County Hall, a long hallway leads to five doors; two on the east side, two on the west side, and one at the south end. The door at the end of the hall leads to the Lord's private quarters, while the others lead to individual bedrooms.

The northernmost of the two on the west is Ulene Hlervu's bedroom, with a double bed against the south wall. The chest of drawers in the southeast corner contains clothing, as does the cupboard in the northeast corner. The bookshelf holds a jewelry chest as well as a copy of the skill book 2920, Morning Star. A lectern on a table on the west wall and two sacks on the table in the middle of the room all hold clutter. Five pieces of gold also lie on the table.

The next bedroom on the west side of the hall features a double bed against the west wall with a clutter chest at the foot. Two barrels in the room also hold clutter, while a third in the northeast corner contains food. The chest of drawers beside the bed and the cupboard beside the food barrel both hold clothing. Three pieces of gold sit on the table in the northwest corner.

The northernmost of the two bedroom on the east side of the hall has a double bed against the east wall; the chest at the foot can contain gold, jewelry, and/or clutter. The chest of drawers in the northwest corner with an apple on top contains clutter, as does the sack beside the bed. The cupboard and chest of drawers in the southeast corner hold clothing. The chest in the northwest corner can contain armor and/or weapons, and the cupboard next to it contains food. The bookshelf in the northeast corner holds three loaves of bread, and a cheese wedge and three pieces of gold sit on the table in the southwest corner.

The next bedroom on the east side of the hall is Naspia Cosma's bedroom. Her double bed is against the north wall, and the chest of drawers next to it holds clothing, as does the cupboard and second set of drawers at the opposite end of the room. The chest on the east wall can contain gold and/or clutter, and the barrel next to the cupboard also contains clutter. Three tomatoes sit on the table in the southeast corner.

Lord's Private Quarters

Cheydinhal Lord's Private Quarters

The entrance to the Lord's private quarters contains a short hallway to a door where two barrels and two sacks, all containing clutter, sit on the floor nearby. Through the doorway, the Count's double bed sits on the south wall, with a noble's jewelry chest on the ledge behind it. The table next to the bed holds an apple and three pieces of gold. The two indoor gardens here hold eighteen fly amanita mushrooms. In the southeast corner, a bottle of Cyrodilic brandy, a Feather potion, and a Burden potion. The table here holds a loaf of bread and three apples, and two apples on the floor under it. A clutter barrel sits against the column. Four more clutter barrels sit in the northeast corner. In the southwest corner, a copy of The Wolf Queen, v 7 sits on the cupboard, and the chest contains more clutter. A final clutter chest sits in the northwest corner.

Guard Barracks

Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks

The entrance features a staircase beside the front door and two doors on the straight wall. The other door on the curved wall leads to the dungeon, and the three sacks and a crate (with a cheese wedge on top) next to it contain clutter. The barrel holds food, as does the untied sack against the straight wall, and the chest next to the stairs can contain armor and/or weapons. The table is set with three hams, three loaves of bread, three cheese wedges, a pumpkin, four bottles of ale, and two bottles of beer. The stairs lead up to a sleeping area with seven single beds lining the walls, a clutter chest at the foot of each. The barrel here also contains clutter.

Ulrich Leland's bedroom, through the southernmost of the two interior doors, has a single bed against the short wall. The chest next to the door contains clutter, and the chest of drawers next to it holds clothing, with a food sack next to it. The chest on the curved wall could possibly contain gold, jewelry, lockpicks, armor, weapons, and potions. The desk next to it contains clutter, and on top sits a copy of Dwemer History and Culture. The drawers next to it also have clutter, and two clutter sacks and a loaf of bread sit on top. The cupboard in the tightest corner of the room contains more clothing. The other room in the barracks, Garrus Darelliun's bedroom, has only a single bed.

The Dungeon

Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon

In the entrance of the dungeon, two crates and the sack on the table contain clutter. The chest on the wall behind the table holds stolen goods. The cupboard in front of the desk contains clutter, and the door next to it leads to a small sleeping area. Two single beds are against the east wall, with a clutter chest at the foot of each. An iron and a steel dagger sit on a bookshelf in the southeast corner. The crate and sack on the west wall both contain clutter, and the table holds an apple.

The door behind the table in the entrance room leads down a set of stairs to a hallway with three food barrels, two sacks and a crate containing clutter, and another two sacks that hold more food. The first cell on the north side of the hall contains two single beds, while the second cell and the cell on the south side of the hall both contain one single bed.

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