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Oblivion: Places

This is a list of miscellaneous major buildings in Cyrodiil.

Abandoned Shack — A shack situated in the Waterfront District of the Imperial City. The house itself is situated beside Methredhel's House and near Dareloth's House. (map)
Arena — A large open-aired stadium in the Imperial City where gladiators fight to the death. (map)
Armory — A storage room for the Imperial Legion's equipment. (map)
The Bastion — A tower in the Imperial City Prison District that houses the city's jail. (map)
Black Horse Courier — The headquarters of The Black Horse Courier newspaper in the Imperial City's Market District. (map)
Coast Guard Station — A house located northeast of Leyawiin, where the Topal Bay meets the Lower Niben. (map)
Dareloth's House — The home of the Thieves Guild's founder, in the Imperial City's Waterfront District behind the Abandoned Shack. (map)
OB-mapicon-Door.png Guard House — A building in the Elven Gardens District of the Imperial City. (map)
Imperial Legion Offices — The headquarters of the Imperial Legion in the Imperial City's Prison District. (map)
Imperial Palace — Located in the center of the Imperial City, in Green Emperor Way. (map)
Imperial Trading Company — The Imperial Trading Company's offices and warehouses in the Waterfront District. (map)
OB-mapicon-Door.png Jakben Imbel's House — A large manor in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District found in the main plaza between The Tiber Septim Hotel and Umbacano Manor. (map)
OB-mapicon-Door.png Nerastarel's House — A derelict manor in the northern half of Skingrad. (map)
Office of Imperial Commerce — A building in the Market District of the Imperial City. (map)
Riverview — A large, attractive house in Cheydinhal, between Llevana Nedaren's House and Ohtimbar's House. (map)
Skooma Den — A run-down house in Bravil that acts as a shelter for Skooma addicts. (map)
Tomb of Prince Camarril — A memorial in Green Emperor Way that hides a vital secret. (map)
OB-mapicon-Door.png The Ulfgar Family's House — Located in the southwestern part of Bleaker's Way, right next to Malyani Dalvilu's house and across the street from Hrol Ulfgar's. (map)
Waterfront Lighthouse — The Imperial Legion-controlled lighthouse in the Waterfront District. (map)
Willow Bank — A large house located in Cheydinhal. (map)