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Morrowind:Recommended Mods

Morrowind: Mods

There are many great Morrowind mods. This page lists the really essential ones - the bug fixes - and is also where each user can list their own favorites page.

This is a page for listing popular resources used by the community to collect mods. This is not a page to list favorite or personal mods. Contact a Mentor if you need help.

Many complex mods require script extensions to function properly. This is available through either the standalone version of MWSE or the internal version with MGE and MGE XE

Bug Fixes

User Favorites

Other Mod Lists

Other Resources

  • MOD-Morrowind Subforum - a place on the UESP forums for discussions and questions about the CS and mods for Morrowind.
  • Cyronaut - provides a visual display of landmass conflicts from several popular mods.
  • MW.modhistory - With FilePlanet wiping out many mods, it is time to start uploading them elsewhere, so this site is the new definitive source (what with PlanetElderscrolls and tessearch using mainly FilePlanet, it is now more necessary than ever to upload to multiple sources)
  • Morrowind Nexus - A good reliable source for mods
  • Slartibartfast - extremely large list of Morrowind-related sites.
  • Syrcanus - extremely large list of TES-related sites.
  • Tessearch - search engine for Elder Scrolls-related sites.