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Xivilai Moath
Xivilai Moath (ESO)
Raça Xivilai Gênero None
Aparece em Battlespire, ESO

Xivilai Moath is the leader of Xivilai's Clan. His Oathfather is Mehrunes Dagon, and his clan is in the service of Clan Dagon. His Oathkin include Faydra Shardai and Imago Storm. His incantory neonymic was once "Wegerohseh-chehkohieu".[1]

Moath was once in the service of Molag Bal. In 2E 582, he was sent to Tamriel by Bal to defend a Dark Anchor opened above Bangkorai Garrison. However, he was swiftly banished by the Daggerfall Covenant forces and the Anchor was released.[2] Some time after this, he passed into the service of Dagon and served as his lieutenant. His clan took part in the invasion of the Battlespire, after which Moath returned to his headquarters in the Havoc Wellhead. Imago Storm gave his neonymic to an apprentice battlemage from the Battlespire, but it is unknown if the apprentice banished him or not.[1]



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