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Tel Branora
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Azura's Coast
Appears in Morrowind
Tel Branora

Tel Branora was perhaps the southernmost town in Vvardenfell, on an island far to the southeast. It was the wizard tower of Mistress Therana, the most eccentric (some say irrational) of the Telvanni Mage Lords. Although Therana was certainly eccentric, perhaps unbalanced, the Telvanni code would generally have seen her disposed of, unless she was capable of adequately defending herself. However, she obviously had great importance on the Council, or she would not have existed as a Master.

Tel Branora was easily reached by ship from Castle Ebonheart, Vivec, Molag Mar or Sadrith Mora. Reaching it by other means required a long walk south, likely starting from Molag Mar, followed by a long swim.

The docks were about half a league from the tower and surrounding community. There were a few hovels near the docks themselves, but the main community was up at the tower. While the tower had a range of magic related services, the town itself had nothing but a smith and an adequate public house.

Although the town survived the eruption of Red Mountain, it was sacked by Argonians inflicting their revenge for centuries of slavery.

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