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Oblivion is the realm of the Daedra, and is often associated with tales of Hellspawn and most forms of destruction (especially fire). While it is often likened to Hell, the home of demons, this comparison is only accurate for the planes of the Daedric Princes known for destruction, such as Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, as the Daedra are not actually demons, only sentient beings who do the bidding (often destructive) of their respective masters. The term demon likely stems from the word daimon, itself merely an alternate rendition of the term Daedra.

There are sixteen major Planes of Oblivion, each ruled over by one of the Daedric Princes, and over 37,000 other planes, including chaos realms and pocket realities. The realms of the Daedric Princes can be very extensive; Molag Bal's plane, Coldharbour, is described as being a post-apocalyptic replica of all of Nirn, and Hermaeus Mora's, Apocrypha, is a library infinite in size. Each Prince's plane may have a more specific name, such as Moonshadow for Azura's and Quagmire for Vaermina's. Each plane is supposedly very different in appearance, depending upon the nature of the Prince who rules it. They can range from beautiful to desolate; some may not even resemble worlds as we think of them, containing nothing but dust and smoke, or changing constantly.

Odai River

The Odai River, also called River Odai, was a river running north to south on the island of Vvardenfell in Morrowind. It began in the West Gash region just north of Balmora and flowed placidly through the center of the city to the Odai Plateau. It then passed through the Ascadian Isles region before emptying into the Inner Sea at the eastern edge of the Bitter Coast near the town of Hla Oad. The terrain surrounding much of the river was mountainous and dotted with mines. A rough track along the western shore of the river connected Hla Oad with Balmora. It's unknown how the river was affected by the cataclysms of the Red Year.

Ogres Tooth Mountains

The Ogres Tooth Mountains are a range of mountains on the island of Stros M'Kai in the kingdom of Hammerfell. They are found to the west of the island's main town and take up roughly a third of the available land area. Despite their dominant presence on the island, they are generally barren and uninteresting, inhabited mainly by those seeking to hide.

Old Hroldan

Old Hroldan (also spelled Old H'roldan, Old Hrol'dan, H'roldan, as well as Ahroldan in the language of the dragons) was a settlement in southwestern Skyrim. The Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition, stated the town was in High Rock. It had been taken over by the Witchmen of High Rock before Tiber Septim famously reclaimed it in the late Second Era at the age of twenty.

Reclaiming Old Hroldan from the Witchmen, or Reachmen, was something of a pastime, as an ancient property record refers to "H'roldan" as "A Spacious Wooden Hall and Pasturage, recently Seized from the Reachmen. Silver and Iron as Tribute from the Natives." Other records note that in 1E 2801, Emperor Kastav of the Reman Dynasty ordered hostages to be seized from the town to ensure the jarls met conscription quotas.

Though formerly a walled and gated city, by the Fourth Era the settlement has been reduced to simply the Old Hroldan Inn, a resting place for travelers in the Reach. The inn, which is wedged between ruins, mountains, and rivers, boasts to its patrons of harboring Tiber Septim the night he arrived. Sightings of ethereal warriors at the inn coinciding with the appearance of the Last Dragonborn gave credence to the inn's claim.


Olenveld is an island off the coast of Skyrim, a day's sail from Winterhold.

The island originally hosted a significant city, although it was abandoned some time in the Second Era. Tiber Septim used Olenveld as his own personal graveyard, lining its abandoned streets with gravestones. Eventually the island city was forgotten, and Olenveld disappeared from the maps.

After Hannibal Traven became the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild circa 3E 431, he introduced a ban on necromancy in the guild. Forced to go into hiding, a group of necromancers set out to find Olenveld and its plentiful supply of bodies. After spending a week searching for the island, they set up shop in the old Mages Guild building and became somewhat well-known for their ability to preserve sickly children by turning them undead.

Oliis Bay

Oliis Bay is a large bay in southeastern Black Marsh. Lilmoth is built on its shores. "Oliis Bay" is the name given to the bay by Imperials.

Orange Road

The Orange Road runs west to east from Chorrol to Bruma. At its western end it joins with the Black Road; at its eastern end it links up with the Silver Road.


Orcrest is a city in northern Elsweyr, south of Riverhold. The noted Khajiit tapestry maker Cherim is known to have lived there towards the end of the Third Era.


Orsinium (Que significa literalmente "Cidade-dos-Orcs" em Aldmeris) é a cidade dos Orsimer (Orcs) e a sede provincial do que era antes conhecida como Wrothgar, ou no fim da Terceira Era, a Região de Orsinium. Ela tem um histórico de ter sido saqueada e reconstruída diversas vezes, pois Orcs normalmente não se relacionam bem com seus vizinhos. Na Segunda Era, ela estava localizada na porção leste de Wrothgar, região de Pedra Alta. No final da Terceira Era, estava localizada entre Pousatrilha, Menevia, e as Montanhas Wrothgarianas, porém foi saqueada no início da Quarta Era. Ela foi reeguida entre Martelfell e Skyrim mais tarde na mesma era.