Lore:Meteoric Glass

Samples of Meteoric Glass

Meteoric Glass is a variety of Aetherial Fragment. Compared to the more common meteoric iron, it rarely falls to Nirn.[1] The glass is crystalline and comes in various colors. It is prized for being magical in nature and highly enchantable.

The Ayleids, known for harnessing Aetherial Fragments, used the glass to create artifacts like Welkynd Stones and Varla Stones. The crystals were also used as a source of light in Ayleid settlements, likely due to their abhorrence of fire, which they saw as an impure and primal form of light. Skyshards were believed to be shards of Aetherial magicka that carry the essence of Nirn. They are sometimes linked to Lorkhan or Anu.[2][3]

When properly cultivated, meteoric glass crystals are able to grow and multiply. The Ayleids were only beginning to cultivate the material when they were wiped out by the Alessian Slave Rebellion. Naturally occurring meteoric glass is a common sight in Ayleid ruins, and can often be seen growing on the crumbling limestone walls of these underground structures.[4] Enchanted pieces of meteoric glass, such as Welkynd Stones, can grow in the same way.[5]

Stormhold Crystals and the seven Star Teeth are similar in nature to meteoric glass, but it is unknown if they are made of the material. The origins of the Jewel of Fire also suggest a link to the glass.