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A modern dreugh

According to the teachings of Mankar Camoran, Lyg was the name of a continent that existed when Nirn was ruled by the dreugh in the Dawn Era.

The tyrannical dreugh-kings enslaved the "nineteen and nine and nine" oceans of Lyg and fought constant border wars amongst themselves.[1] This correlates with the teachings of the Tribunal Temple, which state that Molag Bal had served as the chief of the dreughs in a form that was "spiny and armored and made for the sea", the after-image of which was reborn in Tamriel and known as the Ruddy Man.[2]

Mehrunes Dagon is said to have been created and imbued with hope by the Magna Ge in the bowels of Lyg. Dagon then rose a "red legion" in rebellion and destroyed the Towers of CHIM-EL GHARJYG, casting down its cities and destroying the continent. In this way, Dagon "freed" Nirn from Creation.[1] Replicating this mythic event was the main goal of Camoran's Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433, when he succeeded in temporarily breaking Akatosh's covenant and bringing Dagon to Tamriel.[3][1]

Notable Places

Said to have been "crushed with coldsalt" and thereafter called Hor.
The "old City of Chains" destroyed by "newbone-warmth".
Galg and Mor-Galg
Two cities destroyed in the same "single night of day".


  • According to an early First Era document known as the Tract of Merid-Nunda, "Xero-Lyg" is the name of a Magna Ge.[4]
  • Lyg is one of the "Adjacent Places", and is a parallel version of Tamriel.[oog 1]


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