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Lore:Herne (place)

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Este artigo é sobre the island. Para the daedra of the same name, veja Herne (creature).

Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Region Abecean Sea
Ficheiro:Tam-Maps-West Tamriel.jpg
A map showing the island of Herne

Herne is an island off the west coast of Hammerfell.[1] It is most notable for acting as the temporary refuge for the bulk of what would eventually become the Redguards, after they had fled their homeland of Yokuda.[2] It was uninhabited before their arrival.[2] It appears to be considered part of High Rock,[3] although it continued to be inhabited by Redguards.[4]

Many of the island's freemen and nobles departed the island in 2E 582 to fight in Cyrodiil for the Daggerfall Covenant, leaving it poorly defended. After the loss of Eyevea, Sheogorath considered bringing Herne to the Shivering Isles, but it was not the right shape.[4]