Lore:Vedam Dren

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Duke Vedam Dren
MW-npc-Duke Vedam Dren.jpg
Duke Vedam Dren as seen in Morrowind
Raça Dunmer Gênero Male
Residência Castle Ebonheart
Aparece em Morrowind

Vedam Dren was Duke of the Imperial District of Vvardenfell, a province of Morrowind. Of noble descent, Dren was Hlaalu Grandmaster of the Vvardenfell district before he inherited his title. He ruled from the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart, surrounded by Dunmer and Imperial Counselors.[1]

Vedam Dren was a Dunmer knight but also thought of himself as a noble, a leader and a diplomat.[2] Vedam is the older brother of Camonna Tong head Orvas Dren,[2] who runs the Dren Plantation, and the father of Ilmeni Dren,[2] the leader of the abolitionist group Twin Lamps.

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