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Title Author Description Game(s)
Ladies of Green Cirantille Uma descrição da Dama Verde
Lady Murcien's Folly Anonymous
Lakewatch Tower The tale of Garach Wolf-Father
Lamentations of the Lost Anonymous
Lamias of Craglorn Theoderic Peron A researcher's essay on the mysterious presence of Lamias in Craglorn
The Last King of the Ayleids Herminia Cinna Chronicles the downfall of the Ayleid Empire in the First Era
Last of the Old Bones A Bosmeri folk tale chronicling the legend of the Destroyer
Last Scabbard of Akrash Tabar Vunqidh Story of a slaver's daughter and her Khajiit lover
The Lava Queen A record of the tenth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
The Lay of Firsthold
Legacy of the Dragonguard Kiasa-Veda, the Chronicler of Blades A history of the Dragonguard
Legal Basics Anchivius, M.Z.F. A summary of common crimes and their punishments
The Legend of Dame Marcelle Seneschal Derric Andras of Castle Evermore Two of the legends of Dame Marcelle Stenric, Knight of Shornhelm
The Legend of Fallen Grotto A cautionary tale surrounding the worship and summoning of Hircine
Legend of Haman Forgefire Rogar Cliffside, Talespinner Tale of the legendary Nordic blacksmith, Haman Forgefire
Legend of Krately House Baloth-Kul A play about the ghostly Krately family and how they died
The Legend of Lover's Lament Croll Baumoval
The Legend of Red Eagle Tredayn Dren, Archivist of Winterhold An ancient tale about the invasion of the Reach by the First Empire.
Legend of Thane Icehammer The tale of Thane Icehammer's corruption by the Spear of Bitter Mercy
Legend of the Ghost Snake Bonorion the Wanderer Observations on the Mabrigash tribe
The Legend of Vastarie Afwa, a Student and Friend On one of the most infamous necromancers of the Second Era
The Legendary Sancre Tor Matera Chapel An attempt to chronicle the rise and fall of Sancre Tor
The Legendary Scourge A short story and poem about Scourge, the mace of Malacath
Legends of the Forest The Sisters Glumm The adventures of Broggo the Small
Legions of the Dead An informational book on the undead
Lens of the Golden Eye Evangelism for Hermaeus Mora
A Less Rude Song Anonymous A standard bawdy ballad
Letter to the Grand Marshall of the Imperial Legion Clarentavious Valisious
The Library of Dusk: Rare Books Um inventário de manuscritos raros
A Life Barbaric and Brutal Arthenice Belloq The first chapter in an account of abduction and slavery at the hands of the Reachmen
Life in the Eagle's Shadow A journal recounting the rise of the Aldmeri Dominion in the Second Era
Life In the Scaled Court Valinka Stoneheaver A Report Prepared for the Star-Gazers
A Life of Strife and Struggle
A Life of Uriel Septim VII Rufus Hayn A short biography of Uriel Septim VII's accomplishments
The Light and the Dark Irek Unterge Um homem descreve a Luz e a Escuridão para seus dois netos
Light Armor Forging Revus Sarvani A book detailing various aspects of forging the various types of light armor.
Light Armor Repair A guide to refurbishing light armor
A Light on the Moor
The Lightless Oubliette Kynbriefing for the Lightless Oubliette
Liminal Bridges Camilonwe of Alinor A Discourse On The Theory and Praxis of Traveling Between Mundus and Oblivion
Lithnilian's Research Notes Lithnilian A scholar's notes on Welkynd Stones
Litter-Mates of Darkness Bispo da Lua Hunal Um ensaio em torno dos dro-m'Athra
The Liturgy of Affliction Anias Gae (transcribed) A Collection Of The Writings Of Vexis Velruan
Lives of the Saints Tribunal Temple Listing and describing prominent saints of the Dunmer
The Living Gods Durillis the Theologian Praise for the Tribunal
Living with Lycanthropy Guidance on living productive, peaceful life while afflicted with Lycanthropy
The Living Woods A brief description of the life styles and uses of Gnarls
Lizards Hatiha A description of desert lizards
The Llodos Plague Alchemist Merdyndril Letter evidencing a Maulborn plot against Narsis
The Locked Room Porbert Lyttumly How a pupil outlocks her cruel picklock instructor
Log of the Emma May Journal of a mutinous crew member aboard the Emma May
A Looter's Paradise The Silver-Haired Shadow
Lord Jornibret's Last Dance Song involving men and women's parts
Lost Histories of Tamriel Trecho sobre as profecias Aedricas, também conhecido como os Pergaminhos Anciãos.
The Lost Islands of Old Yokuda Hazadiyya Sea-Queen A poem dedicated to the islands of Yokuda
Lost Legends Talsgar the Elder, Archivist of Winterhold A collection of less well-known folk tales from Skyrim's past
The Lost Prophecy Gilvas Barelo One of the Nerevarine Prophecies
Lucius the Stalwart A record of the fifth Champion of the Blessed Crucible
The Lunar Lorkhan Fal Droon Uma teoria sobre as luas Masser e Secunda
The Lusty Argonian Maid Crassius Curio Curtos trechos da indecente peça de Crassius Curio
The Lusty Argonian Maid, A Song A musical rendition of everyone's favorite story
Lymdrenn Tenvanni's Journal Lymdrenn Tenvanni A father's last words, as transcribed by a family servant