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This page lists TES games which were canceled for one reason or another.


Eye of Argonia

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Eye of Argonia was a planned sequel to Redguard. Like its predecessor, it was an action-adventure game with few of the role-playing elements of other Elder Scrolls titles. In response to Redguard's poor sales, it was planned to be released on the PlayStation 2 and other consoles, rather than PC. The game seemingly never made it past conception, with work resuming on Morrowind instead.

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Paradise Sugar was supposedly the third planned instalment of the TESA spin-off series, following the story of Redguard and the cancelled Eye of Argonia. Due to Redguard's poor sales and ZeniMax Media's purchase of Bethesda, the two sequels were never developed.

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Oblivion (PSP)

Oblivion (PSP) was a planned Elder Scrolls Travels game to be released around a year after TES IV: Oblivion. It would have been the fifth mobile game. It was planned to lack the free-roaming gameplay usually associated with the Elder Scrolls series. There has never been any official reason given for its cancellation or even official confirmation that it was canceled.