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<center>'''[[Skyrim:MountainSubida Climbingda Montanha]]'''</center>
[[File:SR-place-Throat of the World.jpg|thumb|center|<center>'''[[Skyrim:Mountain Climbing|Mountain Climbing]]'''</center>]]
This is a guide to the techniques for effectively climbing the mountains in Skyrim. Why climb mountains? A valid question, given that you can get to the top of any peak without leaving the well-beaten paths to the summit. Climbing mountains, however, can get you past a lot of difficult dungeon-diving, avoid ambushes, find unmarked mountain passes, and give you access to areas that may not be reached until later events otherwise. With a few exceptions, everything that you need that can aid in mountain climbing you already have at Level 1. There are a few skill perks that make things easier, but none of them are required. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, there are no Acrobatics or Athletics skills, nor are there any spells or rare items that will make mountain climbing any easier. As for monetary expense, the only thing you could possibly spend your gold on which would aid in climbing would be a horse, though even this isn't a requirement.
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