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Essa página deve ser excluída<noinclude>{{traduzindo}}</noinclude><noinclude>{{Trail}} [[Category:Dragonborn-Achievements| ]] {{TOCright}}'''Achievements''' (specifically '''[[Skyrim:Xbox 360|Xbox 360]] Achievements''', '''Steam Achievements''' and '''[[Skyrim:PlayStation 3|PlayStation 3]] Trophies''') are in-game awards given to the player for accomplishing various milestones in the game. Ten achievements are available in total. On the Xbox 360, a total of 250 Gamer Points are available; the "Points" column in the following table provides the Gamer Points associated with each specific achievement. On the PC, Steam achievements stand on their own and don't include points. In addition, use of [[Skyrim:Console|console commands]] on PC versions does not prevent the awarding of achievements. On the PS3, the Trophies are sorted into types: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  More detailed information on how to unlock each achievement can be obtained by clicking on the achievement's name.</noinclude>{|class="wikitable sortable"!class=unsortable|[[File:SR-icon-PS3 Trophies.png|46px]]!{{xbox22}} Points!{{Ps22}} Trophy!Name of Achievement!class=unsortable|Description|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Outlander.png|46px]]| 20| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:Outlander|Outlander]]| Arrive on Solstheim|-| [[File:DB-achievement-The Temple of Miraak.png|46px]]| 20| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:The Temple of Miraak (achievement)|The Temple of Miraak]]| Complete [[Dragonborn:The Temple of Miraak|The Temple of Miraak]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-The Path of Knowledge.png|46px]]| 20| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:The Path of Knowledge (achievement)|The Path of Knowledge]]| Complete [[Dragonborn:The Path of Knowledge|The Path of Knowledge]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-At the Summit of Apocrypha.png|46px]]| 40| Silver| [[Dragonborn:At the Summit of Apocrypha (achievement)|At the Summit of Apocrypha]]| Complete [[Dragonborn:At the Summit of Apocrypha|At the Summit of Apocrypha]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Dragon Aspect.png|46px]]| 20| Silver| [[Dragonborn:Dragon Aspect (achievement)|Dragon Aspect]]| Learn all 3 words of [[Dragonborn:Dragon Aspect|Dragon Aspect]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Hidden Knowledge.png|46px]]| 40| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:Hidden Knowledge|Hidden Knowledge]]| Learn the secrets of 5 [[Dragonborn:Black Book (book)|Black Book]]s|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Stalhrim Crafter.png|46px]]| 20| Silver| [[Dragonborn:Stalhrim Crafter|Stalhrim Crafter]]| Craft an item out of [[Dragonborn:Stalhrim|Stalhrim]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Dragonrider.png|46px]]| 20| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:Dragonrider|Dragonrider]]| Tame and ride 5 [[Skyrim:Dragon|dragons]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Raven Rock Owner.png|46px]]| 20| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:Raven Rock Owner|Raven Rock Owner]]| Own a [[Dragonborn:Severin Manor|house]] in [[Dragonborn:Raven Rock|Raven Rock]]|-| [[File:DB-achievement-Solstheim Explorer.png|46px]]| 30| Bronze| [[Dragonborn:Solstheim Explorer|Solstheim Explorer]]| Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim|-|}<noinclude> == See Also ==*[[Skyrim:Achievements|Skyrim Achievements]] == External Links ==* [http://steamcommunity.com/stats/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim/achievements/ Achievement page at Steam]</noinclude>