Dragonborn: Magic / Items

Staves can be crafted at Neloth's staff enchanter after completing the quest Reluctant Steward.

Unenchanted Staves

Unenchanted staves can be purchased from Neloth and are needed to craft staves.

Name (ID) Weight Value Damage
SR-icon-weapon-AlterationStaff.png Unenchanted Alteration Staff
8 500 0
SR-icon-weapon-ConjurationStaff.png Unenchanted Conjuration Staff
8 500 0
SR-icon-weapon-DestructionStaff.png Unenchanted Destruction Staff
8 500 0
SR-icon-weapon-IllusionStaff.png Unenchanted Illusion Staff
8 500 0
SR-icon-weapon-RestorationStaff.png Unenchanted Restoration Staff
8 500 0

Craftable Staves

All staves use an appropriate unenchanted staff as base objects and one or more heart stones. Additionally you must know the spell for the staff you want to craft.


These use an unenchanted Alteration staff as base object.

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of Magelight Magelight 2
Staff of Paralysis Paralysis 4


These use an unenchanted Conjuration staff as base object.

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of Banishing Banish Daedra 3
Staff of Daedric Command Command Daedra 4
Staff of Dread Zombies Dread Zombie 4
Staff of Expulsion Expel Daedra 4
Staff of Reanimation Reanimate Corpse 2
Staff of Revenants Revenant 3
Staff of Soul Trapping Soul Trap 2
Staff of Zombies Raise Zombie 1
Staff of the Familiar Conjure Familiar 1
Staff of the Flame Atronach Conjure Flame Atronach 2
Staff of the Frost Atronach Conjure Frost Atronach 3
Staff of the Storm Atronach Conjure Storm Atronach 4


These use an unenchanted Destruction staff as base object.

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of Chain Lightning Chain Lightning 3
Staff of Fireballs Fireball 3
Staff of Firebolts Firebolt 2
Staff of Flames Flames 1
Staff of Frostbite Frostbite 1
Staff of Ice Spikes Ice Spike 2
Staff of Ice Storms Ice Storm 3
Staff of Icy Spear Icy Spear 4
Staff of Incineration Incinerate 4
Staff of Lightning Bolts Lightning Bolt 2
Staff of Sparks Sparks 1
Staff of Thunderbolts Thunderbolt 1
Staff of the Flame Wall Wall of Flames 4
Staff of the Frost Wall Wall of Frost 4
Staff of the Storm Wall Wall of Storms 4


These use an unenchanted Illusion staff as base object.

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of Calm Calm 2
Staff of Courage Courage 1
Staff of Fear Fear 2
Staff of Frenzy Frenzy 3
Staff of Fury Fury 2
Staff of Inspiration Rally 3
Staff of Vanquishment Rout 4


These use an unenchanted Restoration staff as base object.

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Grand Staff of Repulsion Repel Undead 4
Grand Staff of Turning Turn Greater Undead 4
Minor Staff of Turning Turn Lesser Undead 2
Staff of Mending Heal Other 3
Staff of Repulsion Repel Lesser Undead 3
Staff of Turning Turn Undead 3
Staff of the Healing Hand Healing Hands 2


  • Unenchanted staves existed in the original Skyrim as internally used templates, but some of the statistics were changed by Dragonborn.
  • All of the staves you can create can also be found as random loot or sold by vendors without Dragonborn.
  • Unlike weapons and armor, staves cannot be renamed.