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Dragonborn:Pain in the Necklace

Dragonborn: Quests: Miscellaneous
SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Find East Empire pendants for Fethis Alor‎.
Quest Giver: Fethis Alor‎
Reward: 500 gold (per pendant)
ID: DLC2RRFavor05
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East Empire Company Strongbox

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Fethis Alor‎ in Raven Rock.
  2. Find an East Empire pendant.
  3. Bring the pendant to Fethis.

Detailed Walkthrough

East Empire Pendants

Fethis Alor‎ runs a general goods outfit from his his house in Raven Rock. You'll find he is somewhat bitter about living and working in Solstheim should you speak with him. One thing that does seem to spark his interest are the East Empire pendants. The pendants were once used as employee incentives, but are no longer being produced, and as a result are now considered a valuable collector's item. Fethis lets you know that if you find any of these East Empire pendants in your travels throughout Solstheim, he will be glad to buy them from you for five hundred gold per pendant. The pendants are located in East Empire Company strongboxes, which are locked with an expert lock and contain other valuable loot as well.

East Empire Company Strongbox Locations

There are thirty-three total locations of East Empire Company strongboxes in Solstheim, giving a profit of 16,500 gold if you can find them all. Most of the strongboxes are at locations marked on your map, but for those which are in unmarked locations, the entry for the "Location" column is the location from which it is easiest to find the strongbox. Certain strongboxes are marked as owned, which means taking from them is considered stealing, except in cases where you have raised the owner's disposition high enough.

Location Map Notes
Alor House map Downstairs, southeast room sitting on a table on the east wall.
Ashfallow Citadel map Directly west of the entrance on a shelf which is half buried in ash.
Ashfallow Citadel map In an unmarked reaver camp across the water west of Ashfallow Citadel. The strongbox is next to a sheltered bed roll west of the campfire.
Ashfallow Citadel map Follow the stream west of Ashfallow Citadel north to a barred gate. Behind the gate is a wooden structure where Usha lies dead. On the right side of the structure is the strongbox, between a low table and a chest.
Benkongerike Great Hall map Easternmost room (with puzzles) upstairs on the north side, sitting atop a barrel.
Bristleback Cave map Easternmost area (in the north part of the cave), south part of that area on top of a barrel.
Brodir Grove map Directly north of the cooking spit, sitting atop an East Empire Company crate (below hanging garlic braids).
Broken Tusk Mine map Outside, on top of a crate up near the highest scaffolding above the mine's entrance.
The Bulwark map In the very back on the right, sitting in the northeast corner of the table.
Caerellius House map On the wall ledge in the northwest corner of the first room.
Damphall Mine map Head north from the mine until you see a few patches of snowberries. Turn left at the next rock and you'll see a wooden platform with many barrels, a chest, and a couple crates. The strongbox sits on the crate to the left. (Beware, as Rieklings will pop out of some of these barrels.)
Fort Frostmoth map From the main entrance (on the left as you enter the courtyard), turn left into a small room with three shelves with Imperial equipment and a weapon rack on the far wall. On the shelf to the left, on the bottom in a pile of ash is the strongbox.
Frossel map South corner of eastmost room after the first tripwire claw trap.
Frossel map North of Frossel in the far northeast section of the map is an unmarked giant nirnroot island. The strongbox is in the boat on the eastern side of the island, wedged between a chest and a tipped barrel.
Glacial Cave map Outside, half-buried in the snow between some crates, just east of the entrance.
Glover Mallory's House map On small shelf in northwest corner of first room.
Haknir's Shoal map In the back corner of the tent south of the campfire.
Haknir's Shoal map On a Riekling-infested island north of Haknir's Shoal, northwest of Frossel. At the top of the larger Riekling structure, there is a knapsack and the strongbox.
Horker Island map On the east coast of the island, find the half of a ship sinking into the water. Below it is the other half of the ship, which has completely sunk to the bottom. There is a chest and a clam next to the strongbox.
Hrodulf's House map On bottom of small shelf on west side of the building, where there are no walls.
Hrothmund's Barrow map Southwest of Hrothmund's Barrow, north-northwest of Moesring Pass, you'll find a cindering fire at the center of a few crates and barrels with a dead reaver next to it. On the north side of the fire, a regular strong box sits atop a crate. In front of that crate is the East Empire Company strongbox.
Moesring Pass map Sitting atop an end table north of the Strange Vessel.
Moesring Pass map Fast travel to Moesring Pass. Turn around and go straight down until you reach a flat snowy clearing. Turn left and keep going until you see some ore veins, gem geodes, and a shrine of Zenithar on a large boulder. The strongbox is to the left of the boulder next to a pickaxe.
Morvayn Manor Chambers map In the first room of Morvayn Manor Chambers, on a ledge to the left of the door straight ahead. This is one of only two that isn't locked (see bugs).
Northshore Landing map On bookshelf on south wall of shack.
Raven Rock Mine map Under the table upstairs in the first room.
Raven Rock Mine map In the lower depths of the mine, in the room just after breaking the boards, one sits atop a crate to the right of the gate which leads further into the mine.
The Retching Netch map On the bottom shelf of Geldis Sadri's bar in the center.
Temple Ancestral Tomb map Northernmost alcove, sitting in the ash with the pile of bones. This is one of only two that isn't locked (see bugs).
Ramshackle Trading Post map On crate just west of building.
Vahlok's Tomb map East of Vahlok's Tomb, you'll find a small camp where two Dark Elves lie dead. The strongbox is in the tent.
Raven Rock Docks In water, under the Northern Maiden.
Wreck of the Strident Squall map On the bottom of a bookshelf on the southeast side in one of the lower decks.
  This strongbox is marked as owned, which means taking from it is considered stealing.


  • The quest will not be completed or removed from the journal when the 33 pendants are turned in. It can only be removed from the journal by killing Fethis Alor or using the console.
  • The strongboxes in Morvayn Manor Chambers and the Temple Ancestral Tomb are unlocked.
  • The strongbox in The Retching Netch can be unlocked with the main Retching Netch key.
  • One of the strongboxes in Raven Rock Mine can be unlocked with a version of Brand-Shei's Strongbox key that's unavailable in the game.

Quest Stages

Pain in the Necklace (DLC2RRFavor05)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Locate the East Empire Pendants for Fethis Alor in Raven Rock
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 10, 30, 250.