Dragonborn: Items

This is an overview of all the ingredients added by the Dragonborn expansion.

More information on each ingredient can be found on its individual page (see links in the tables below).

Standard Ingredients

This table lists all of the standard ingredients in the expansion. For ingredients found in Skyrim (or Dawnguard/Hearthfire), see this page. You will experience a mild primary effect from eating an ingredient. Brewing two or more ingredients that share magical effects at an alchemy table will result in a potion or poison, with higher Alchemy skill levels resulting in stronger effects—longer duration, better fortifications or damage, etc.

Ingredient Name (ID) Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect Value Weight Merchant Avail.
48px Ash Creep Cluster
Harvested from creep cluster plants unique to Solstheim.
Damage Stamina Damage Stamina Invisibility Invisibility Resist Fire Resist Fire Fortify Destruction Fortify Destruction 20 0.25
48px Ash Hopper Jelly
Collected from dead ash hoppers.
Restore Health Restore Health Fortify Light Armor Fortify Light Armor Resist Shock Resist Shock Weakness to Frost Weakness to Frost 20 0.25
48px Ashen Grass Pod
Harvested from spiky grass plants unique to Solstheim.
Resist Fire Resist Fire (1.34×Magnitude) Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Lockpicking Fortify Sneak Fortify Sneak 1 0.1
48px Boar Tusk
Collected from dead bristlebacks and rieklings.
Fortify Stamina Fortify Stamina (1.25×Magnitude, 5.9×Value) Fortify Health Fortify Health (5.9×Value) Fortify Block Fortify Block Frenzy Frenzy 20 0.5
48px Burnt Spriggan Wood
Collected from dead burnt spriggans.
Weakness to Fire Weakness to Fire Fortify Alteration Fortify Alteration Damage Magicka Regen Damage Magicka Regen Slow Slow 20 0.5
48px Emperor Parasol Moss
Harvested from emperor parasol moss plants near Tel Mithryn.
Damage Health Damage Health Fortify Magicka Fortify Magicka Regenerate Health Regenerate Health Fortify Two-handed Fortify Two-handed 1 0.25
48px Felsaad Tern Feathers
Collected from dead Felsaad terns.
Restore Health Restore Health Fortify Light Armor Fortify Light Armor Cure Disease Resist Magic Resist Magic 15 0.1
48px Netch Jelly
Collected from dead netch.
Paralysis Paralysis Fortify Carry Weight Fortify Carry Weight Restore Stamina Restore Stamina (2×Magnitude) Fear Fear 20 0.5
48px Scathecraw
Harvested from scathecraw plants.
Ravage Health Ravage Health Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka Lingering Damage Health Lingering Damage Health 1 0.1
48px Spawn Ash
Collected from dead ash spawn.
Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina Resist Fire Resist Fire Fortify Enchanting Fortify Enchanting Ravage Magicka Ravage Magicka 20 0.1
48px Trama Root
Harvested from trama root plants.
Weakness to Shock Weakness to Shock Fortify Carry Weight Fortify Carry Weight Damage Magicka Damage Magicka Slow Slow 1 0.2