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Dragonborn: Magic(Redirecionado de Dragonborn:Blessing of Azura)
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This page documents the blessings that you can receive in the Dragonborn expansion. These are short-term blessings which act separately from long-term Standing Stone effects, and do not overwrite or interact with them.

Shrine Blessings

Blessings can be obtained by activating the shrines located in the temple in Raven Rock. You can only have one shrine blessing at a time. If you choose to pray at a second shrine, it will overwrite the previous blessing.

Name ID Description Detailed Effects
Blessing of Azura xx03bcfb Resist 10% of magic.
Blessing of Boethiah xx03bcfc One-handed weapons do 10% more damage.
Blessing of Mephala xx03bcfd Prices are 10% better.

Other Blessings

These blessings will stack with each other and shrine blessings.

Name ID Description Detailed Effects Source
Blessing of the Stag Prince xx01bfec Receive an additional x Health and Stamina while Bow of the Stag Prince is equipped.

The value of x depends on the number of animals you've killed:

  • <20 kills = 5
  • 20 kills = 10
  • 40 kills = 15
  • 60 kills = 20
  • 80+ kills = 25


  • Even if you betrayed Azura during The Black Star, you will still be able to gain her blessing.
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