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This is the Encounters section of the Unofficial FAQ, version 0.992. The text version of the FAQ was released on 24 August 1996, but the web version was last updated on 13 November 2006. More current information on Daggerfall monsters can be found at Monsters.

This is an archive of a historical document and should not be edited other than formatting, links, or minor typos.

This section, Daggerfall Encounters, outlines who, and what, your character might encounter in the game.

  • Warning: This Area Is Under Construction. Eventually, this Section will contain detailed information for taking on the baddies. It will also detail interaction with the NPCs that are important to the Daggerfall plot.
  • Assumption: "Monster Types", "NPCs" & "Random Events" is a summation of the results of the FAQ Authors dissecting the Demo Files, verifying as much as practicable with Bethesda, & making some educated guesses. Exact details are likely to change at short notice.

Miscellaneous Monster Types

In addition, there are a number of other species in Daggerfall that do exist but which don't fit into the above list of monsters:

  1. Daedra Prince (In Daggerfall but you can't fight them)
  2. Dragon! (Wyrm)

A further grouping doesn't sit comfortably anywhere:

  1. Dwarf {part of Tamriel Folklore?}
  2. Giant Goblin {part of Tamriel Folklore?}
  3. Troll {part of Tamriel Folklore}

There are also 12 major 'bad' NPC types that you will have to deal with, of which the UnderKing, monks, nightblades, faerie! (fey) are examples.

NPCs and Nations

There are some 295 "NPC types" in Daggerfall, whether they be nobility, laymen, humanoids, professions, nations or one of the 20 distinct factions of some of these. Their particularly characteristics can be ascertained from the "factions.txt" document that comes with the DAGGERFALL demo. Future versions of this FAQ will explain all the parameters listed in this document. There are also 12 major bad NPCs that you will have to deal with, of which the UnderKing, monks, nightblades, etc... are examples.

Some NPC descriptions, (both good & bad) are listed in various screenshot descriptions in the Daggerfall Preview section.

The top "NPC Types", mainly nations, are listed here, with their power ratings. These are likely to have the greatest long run effect on your game of Daggerfall. Please note that the power ratings are indicative only (i.e. perhaps a long run average), the actual power ratings will wax and wane. Ted Peterson, Daggerfall Chief Designer says it best: "No one remains on top forever":

Name Power
Wayrest 8000
Sentinel 6000
Lainlyn 5000
Oblivion 5000
Satakalaam 5000
The Septim Empire 5000
Abibon-Gora 4500
Mournoth 4500
Archmagister 4000
Dwynnen 4000
Menevia 4000

You will have the fortune (or misfortune!) to interact with many of the less powerful NPCs as well, perhaps right down to the lowliest:

Name Power
Cyndassa 5
Lord Auberon Flyte 5
Lord Plessington 5
The Acolyte 5

Remember, each of these NPC Types will be forming opinions of you based on your actions; even into the sequels of Daggerfall. But your character is not the only one who interacts with NPCs in Daggerfall. NPC types interact with each other, and many have allies and enemies. The major NPCs are even creatures of habit in that they have daily schedules.

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