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Daggerfall:Hircine's Quest

Daggerfall: Quests: Daedric Quests

Hunt down a wereboar for Daedra prince Hircine.
Quest Giver:
Location(s): Any time at the Glenmorial Coven or its followers
Reward: Hircine's Ring
ID: x0c00y00
Difficulty: Hard
Hircine, Daedric Prince of Hunt and father of the Manbeasts

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Summon Hircine any time at the Glenmorial Coven or its followers.
  2. Head to the dungeon to which Hircine points you.
  3. Find and kill the wereboar.
  4. Travel to the town Hircine mentioned to you.
  5. Meet his worshipper there and collect your reward.
  6. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

Hircine appears and starts speaking to the player:

If you would not mind doing a small favor for me, I can put in your possession a most excellent reward, Hircine's Ring. I have a child, apparently miserable with all the blessings I have given him, who needs ... what is the euphemism? To be taught a lesson? A very serious lesson. Does this sound like an agreeable contract, (Brother/Sister)?

Quest Acceptance

Hircine goes on:

Ah, good. This child of mine is a wereboar who has made his den in a place called (dungeon). You should have no trouble finding it. After you have put him out of his obvious misery, which should not take more than (time limit) days, go to a place called (building) in (town) and look for a person named (worshipper's name). If you arrive there within (time limit) days from now with the wereboar dead, (he/she) will give you Hircine's Ring. A pleasure doing business with you, (Brother/Sister). Good luck and farewell.

Quest Decline

Hircine answers disappointed:

I am gravely disappointed, (Brother/Sister). Seldom am I summoned, even rarer are the occasions when I am free to answer a summonings. To be perfectly blunt, this was a waste of my very precious time.

Quest Object

Travel to the dungeon Hircine mentioned to you. Once you are there, find the wereboar and kill it. Once it is dead meet Hircine's worshipper in the town he mentioned and he/she will give you your reward..

Quest Object Dead

When the wereboar dies a message pops up saying:

The wereboar is dead, as you promised Daedra Prince Hircine.

Quest End

Hircine's worshipper speaks to the player:

Hello, (player's first name). You made it. Hircine's impressed with you, which is no small accomplishment. Here's Hircine's Ring you were promised. Take care.


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • Quest Target: One Wereboar