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Categoria:Speedy Deletion

Icon-notice.png Please do not propose this category for deletion even if it is empty or its only entry is itself.
This category may be empty occasionally or even most of the time.
Icon-Information.png This category is not shown on its member pages, unless the appropriate user preference is set.

Speedy deletion is for pages that qualify for deletion on-sight by administrators. The criteria that qualify pages for this include pages that are completely vandalism, copyright violations, nonsense, and other reasons detailed here.

To add a page to the speedy deletion category, place the template {{speedydeletion|reason for deletion}} ({{speed}} for short) at the top of the page that needs to be deleted. For more information about speedy deletions, please see the UESPWiki:Speedy Deletion page. Click here to purge the page after deleting.


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