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Queen Blubamka is the queen of Rihad. She can be found anytime in Rihad Palace and helps you in your first quest, Fang Lair. Her townspeople don't think very highly of her, calling her an imposter and a cannibal. Some think that she has been taken over by evil spirits.

When you talk to her for the first time she will already know that you are looking for Fang Lair.

She will greet you by saying "Welcome to Rihad, (players name). I am Queen Blubamka, and I agree to tell you about fang Lair, for a favor. You see, not too long ago a band of goblins, led by Golthog the Dark attacked this stronghold. They carried away with them much treasure, including a parchment which held within its writings clues to decipher the part of the Elder Scrolls which spoke of the location of the legendary Fang Lair."

"Golthog and his goblins fled to an ancient and ruined fortress called Stonekeep, outside the city. I fear that a large band of mercenaries or soldiers will be unable to find them. A single person however, would be much more successful. Perhaps your arrival is fortuitous. If you would agree to try and recover this parchment, I will inscribe the location of the Stonekeep onto your map. If you are successful and return with the parchment, I will be able to decipher the location of Fang Lair. I promise to give you that location as reward for your help."

After this she will give you the location of Stonekeep and the first part of your adventure begins.


  • Although Queen Blubamka mentions that the goblin leader, Golthog, is hiding in Stonekeep, you will not find Golthog anywhere in Stonekeep and he does not even appear in the game.
  • Despite the fact that many citizens of Rihad believe Blubamka to be a cannibal, there is no evidence of this and it is never mentioned in any other dialogue.